Bankruptcy Records

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Bankruptcy records search assists in identifying filings by an individual or business.

Bankruptcy records are generally used as a part of the pre-employment background process as a tool to assess the financial character of an applicant. A bankruptcy search is important when screening for accounting, managerial, and executive candidates.

Bankruptcy records can be used in the due diligence process during the initial stages of an agreement, contract, or other business dealing, to establish the financial character of the parties involved. Bankruptcy records are an important search to use when dealing with contractors, business partners, and outsourcing companies.

Bankruptcy searches can also be used to find out what kind of property, real or otherwise, is being liquidated to cover the debts incurred by an individual or entity. This search is an important part of a pre-litigation asset search to determine if a lawsuit is worth filing or to gain leverage in the course of negotiations prior to filing a lawsuit.

If a bankruptcy record is found while performing a bankruptcy search, we provide the case number, date filed, type filed, the date of the case disposition, and the disposition of the case.

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