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 53% of job applications 
contain false information
33% of business failures are 
caused by employee theft
 The average settlement of a negligent hiring lawsuit is nearly $1 million

At CourtHouse Concepts, our employment background screening services can help you answer these questions:
  • Is your applicant who they say they are?
  • Have they honestly represented themselves?
  • Does your applicant have the education and experience they claim?

Pre-Employment Screening Services

Learn more about background screening!

What actually goes on during the background check process? What should a company consider when selecting a background check partner? What parts of a candidate’s background should be checked? What laws and regulations should you be thinking about? 

The Ultimate Guide to Background Checks is a FREE e-book that answers these questions and gives you insightful information to assist you in deciding how to create a pre-employment screening program at your organization.

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