Employment Drug Testing

Pre-employment screening and random drug testing help provide a safe and productive workplace.

Employee screening for drug and alcohol abuse helps your company reduce the problems and risks which come with substance abuse including absenteeism, tardiness, employee turnover, attitude problems, embezzlement, low productivity, crime, and violence. Opting to drug test can reduce the risk of accidents and may also reduce healthcare and workers’ compensation costs for your company.

Our Testing Solutions

We offer a wide range of services to meet every type of business.
(CourtHouse Concepts Offers DOT* and non-DOT Tests)

Urine Drug Screening

 Instant urine test results or lab-based urine drug testing with SAMHSA Certified Labs and AAMRO Certified Medical Review Officers.  

Hair Follicle Drug Screening

Hair testing provides up to a 90-day detection window for repetitive drug use patterns. Used by many courts and attorneys

Saliva Drug Screening

Drug Tests with saliva is a less invasive method preferred by many employers. The saliva drug test is completed through an oral swab collection and is available with instant drug screening results or more thorough lab tested results.

Alcohol Testing

Available as a saliva alcohol drug screening process or a breathalyzer screening to determine alcohol use. Both DOT compliant and NON-DOT approved drug screening results are available. A Urine ETG Alcohol testing with an 80 hour window of detection is also available

DNA Paternity testing

A DNA Paternity test is a painless oral swab collection of saliva used to determine the biological father of a child. Paternity tests that are legally presentable in court or that are just for your personal knowledge and peace of mind are available.  

Mobile Drug Screening

Mobile Screening Services by Courthouse Concepts provides drug testing services at your business. The mobile drug test services are regularly available throughout Arkansas, and can be scheduled anywhere in the United States with proper notice.

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Does your business need to be DOT compliant?
We've got you covered.

DOT Services

We offer DOT Consortium and DOT approved Random Selection Drug Screening Services. DOT Urine Testing is in full compliance with the DOT Complete Program Management standards. 

Quality Guaranteed

Cutting corners is not an option at our company (or yours). We do everything as thoroughly as we can, from the beginning to the end. No excuses and no shortcuts allowed. 

Customized for You

Whether you are dealing with the Department of Transportation or saving on your insurance through a “Drug Free Workplace” program, CourtHouse Concepts can custom design screening solutions for you!

Want more information on drug testing?

What actually goes on during the drug screening process? What should a company consider when establishing a workplace drug testing policy? What types of drugs to test for and how to interpret the results. 

The Essential Guide to Workplace Drug Testing is a FREE e-book that answers these questions and gives you insightful information to assist you in deciding how to proceed with establishing a drug free workforce. 

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