Marijuana and the Workplace: 2017

  • By Mark Ridgeway
  • 06 Oct, 2017

In November 2016, Arkansas passed a constitutional amendment ( Amendment 98 ) establishing a medical marijuana program. The legislature recently added provisions to the law, resulting in significant protections for Arkansas employers.

It will likely be 2018 before marijuana dispensaries in Arkansas are ready to distribute marijuana to those with medical permits, but now is the time for businesses to revamp their drug policies so they match up with state law.

Over the next few weeks in the blog, we'll be reviewing the Arkansas law and the amendment (Act 593), and the guidelines it lays out for employers within the state. 

Medical Marijuana in the workplace

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By Mark Ridgeway 15 Jan, 2018
The following is an excerpt from CNN published published January 15, 2018:
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