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Social Security Trace

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A social security number search, also known as a SSN Trace, is an important first step in conducting a background check on a new employee, an applicant, or new tenant. A SSN Trace is a fast and efficient way to verify that the SSN provided is valid and that there is no fraudulent activity associated with the social security number.

A Social Security Number Trace is completed by performing a search of databases built by utility companies, credit card companies, banks, and other private entities which require you to provide a social security number. These entities take your SSN, and any other identifying information provided, and report the information to major credit bureaus who then compile the information into databases which we then can search.

A Social Security Number Trace results in a lists of names and aliases associated with the SS as well as a list of past and present addresses connected with the name and aliases. The trace also validates the date of issuance, state of issuance and the person’s birth date. Other things a Social Security Number Trace can reveal is whether the SSN is being used by more than one person and whether or not any death records are associated with the SSN.

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