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  • By Mark Ridgeway
  • 11 Aug, 2017

Hint: It's Not Just About Money

how to make employees happy

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By Mark Ridgeway 13 Sep, 2017

Lying on a resume is not a widely acceptable practice. It is however, becoming a serious problem. According to CareerBuilder in a recent study, more than 50 percent of hiring managers have found a lie on a resume.

Since education and work experience are important, background check providers have to be meticulous and thorough when validating educational reference stated on resumes. And as simple as verifying a school record may seem, it is not necessarily a quick or easy task.

A lot of educational institutions just don’t respond directly to requests.

Many of them subscribe to the National Student Clearinghouse, the largest provider of electronic student record exchanges and postsecondary transcript ordering services in the U.S.

For a fee, the Clearinghouse checks enlistment and graduation data for understudies of most open and private U.S. organizations. The degrees confirmed through the Clearinghouse ensure against false information that can be supplied by “diploma mills.” (dipoloma mill- an institution or organization that grants large numbers of educational degrees based on inadequate or inferior education and assessment of the recipients).

Contacting the institution directly can be challenging. Verifying services attempt to contact the administration, but it is often hard to get in touch with someone at the institution. School holidays often delay the verification process.

Some schools have restrictions in place that only allow the student to gain access to his/ her records. Names might also be confused, causing errors. The schools often prohibit the GPA, degree or awards from being released.

An employer may request to see an actual diploma. But if the diploma needs to come from an educational institution, the turnaround time may increase substantially.

In the event that real transcripts are required to check participation, graduation, courses taken, and GPAs: don’t hold your breath because this is going to take a while…

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